Total Curve Review

There are a lot of products which have cropped up on the internet in recent months which make the claim they can deliver effective natural breast enhancement.

This is a bold statement and one that more and more women are taking notice of because of the sudden increase in concerns over breast augmentation via surgical methods. The question is, as with any ‘miracle treatment’ that hits the web, which products are just scams and which ones can actually change women’s lives? The supplement is a blend of all natural ingredients that delivers safe phytoestrogens to increase breast volume. Phytoestrogens are plant derived and can be naturally consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants.

Total Curve works to deliver just the right combination and quantity of phytoestrogens to mimic the effect of estrogen on breast tissue development. What this means is that taking total curve effectively supplements your body’s natural hormones that firm and lift your breast tissue.

What is Total Curve

Total Curve is actually two part system, involving an all-natural intensive daily breast enhancement therapy in the form of pills, and a gel substance.

Step One: The daily supplement involves a twice daily dose, which contains a number of all natural ingredients, and works by increasing the fatty tissue in the breast area to naturally increase your breast volume.

Step Two: A clear gel, is applied twice daily by massaging into the breasts gently and thoroughly. The primary ingredient in the gel is Volufiline, which is unique to practically every other product on the market.

The premise behind Volufiline is that it produces a lipofilling effect, which is created when the gel permeates through the skin and stimulates the adipocytes, or tissue that makes and stores fat in the breast.

Upon absorption, this substance is said to increase breast size to just under 10% after 2 months.

While results do vary by individual, Volufiline™ has been proven in clinical trials and a human study to *measurably* increase volume of fat tissue in the breast…Resulting in breasts that both look FULLER and feel FIRMER!

How Does Total Curve Work

Generally, the two-part system of Total Curve improves breasts inside and out. It functions as a daily supplement, which has a scientifically advanced formula which has functions like that of estrogen, an important hormone that aids in improving a woman’s health and appearance. The component which acts like estrogen is called phytoestrogens which helps the body’s estrogens to firm and lift breast tissues.


Total Curve


Another function is to increase volume of your breasts safe and natural. With the use of the lifting and firming gel applied daily, it is clinically proven to increase about 8.4% in a span of two months. Results can be seen in overall appearance of the breasts like being more full, firm and contoured plus a difference in cleavage appearance.

Apart from that, it has been known to regulate PMS symptoms and menopause, diminished sex drive and vaginal dryness.

How To Use Total Curve

You will want to use this product as indicated in the instructions for best results. You will need to take 2 pills a day- one in the morning, and one at night. You will also be massaging the cream onto your breasts daily. There will be instructions included with your order that explain how to massage for the best results.


Note that 25% of women participating saw a 6.6% increase after 28 days… and a 8.4% increase after 56 days!


Use as An Alternative To Breast Enhancement Surgery?

You have undoubtedly looked into breast enhancement surgery at this point, and the results sound pretty grim.  The fact that a surgery that costs as much as $4,000, but still has some pretty serious consequences, drives many women to try alternative methods such as Total Curve.

There are many differences between surgery and Total Curve, but the obvious differences include:

  • Completely All Natural Ingredients
  • No Reported Side Effects – Unlike Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • No Pain! – Surgery May Work Right Away, But It Hurts!
  • The Cost – Total Curve Can Be As Little as $39.80 a month, as opposed to $5,000 in surgery
  • Total Curve is Guaranteed – You let a surgeon cut into you, there’s guarantee it will work

Total Curve Ingredients

The formulation in the daily supplement for Total Curve is full of 100% all natural ingredients.  Many of these ingredients act as hormone balancers, and are also natural antioxidants essential for daily balance.

The full ingredient list in Total Curve includes:

  • Buckwheat Leaves
  • Fennel Seed
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Hops
  • Watercress Leaves
  • Black Cohosh Root
  • Wild Yam Root

Where Can You Buy Total Curve

You can find Total Curve for sale on numerous different online retailers, but in order to get the best price it is recommend that you order from the official site for Total Curve. A one month supply costs $69.95.

If you do decide to order it from somewhere else (e.g. Amazon, Ebay,, etc.) you have to realize that the manufacturer will probably not honor any guarantees.

 We recommend that you order the 6 month option of Total Curve in Order to get the desired results which is $299.95 


We have found this product as a top rate breast enhancement product and that is the reason we have added this product on our blog. Feel free to try and you surely won’t be disappointed. Total Curve is well-studied, result oriented, positively acknowledged product.

Results: Very Good

Positive Reviews Online: 100+

Price on Official Site: $69.95

Guarantee: 60-Days Full Money Back