Provillus is said to be a completely natural hair regrowth formula available for both men and women suffering from natural, genetic hair loss.


Provillus Review


There is nothing as frustrating as when you are approaching your 30s, 40s or 50s and just when you thought life was beginning to get better, you realize that your hair is thinning out. While its normal to lose a few strands of hair every day, balding can affect your self-image and ruin your self-esteem.

Yet as it turns out, most common causes of hair loss are beyond our control.

They Include:

  • Aging
  • Cancer treatments
  • Hormonal imbalance

And like any other problem that exists in the world, there are numerous solutions and offers (at a cost of course). Some sound like magic pills while others are downright life-threatening.

On your pursuit for the best hair loss treatment, you might have come across some Provillus. One thing that stands out about Provillus is that it is marketed as a powerful hair loss treatment that is made with the purest ingredients from nature.

  1. What is Provillus?


Provillus is said to be a completely natural hair regrowth formula available for both men and women suffering from natural, genetic hair loss, this hair loss treatment seems to be gaining a slew of support from both its male and even more amazingly, female users.  This all-natural treatment package comes with two separate pieces: the topical lotion formula for direct treatment and a capsulated nutritional substance. Both of these forms are said to support natural and fast hair regrowth for those suffering from genetic baldness.


  1. What does Provillus claim to do?


Provillus claims to reverse hair loss and thinning hair for people suffering from genetic baldness and does not provide any guarantee for those suffering from other hair loss causes.

It contains a combination of minerals and vitamins as well as herb extracts that supposedly address hair loss problems. It is also made using an  FDA approved hair regrowth ingredient known as Minoxidil compound which serves as its active ingredient.

The topical solution for men and women contains 5% and 2% of Minoxidil respectively.

Available for both men and women, Provillus consists of a topical lotion for the scalp and an oral solution. The two formulas, however, differ in terms of chemical content but work together in synergy to tackle the underlying problem.

The product usually arrests the excessive and unusual lair loss and efficiently ensures the growth of more and new hair strands.


  1. What are the ingredients in Provillus?


  • Biotin: Inadequate Biotin is associated with increased hair loss in many individuals. This B complex vitamin plays a major role in the growth of healthy nails, skin, and hair. Provillus, therefore, provides your body with this vitamin to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Minoxidil: This is the active ingredient from the Provillus topical solution that is commonly found in topical balding treatments. It is chemically sourced compound that is safe and FDA approved. The compound works by widening the follicles and accelerating the development of new hairs. It has also been proven to stop DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) production, the hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia and reverse its effects.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency can cause balding. This ingredient works with calcium to promote the development of healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B6: Water-soluble in nature, this vitamin inhibits the binding of steroids hormones such as DHT to their receptors. This, in turn, blocks the harmful effect of DHT on hair follicles to promote the growth of new hairs.
  • Para-amino Benzoic Acid: This ingredient plays a major role when it comes to the body’s ability to fight most signs associated with aging including wrinkles, retarding and graying hair.

And since hair loss is sometimes associated with aging, this ingredient is able to counter that thereby preventing any possible hair loss.

Other natural ingredients include pumpkin extract, zinc, saw palmetto extract, uva-ursi, stinging nettle, eleuthero root, horsetail silica and proprietary blend that work to regrow hair, strengthen the hair roots and make the hair stronger and thicker


  1. How does Provillus Work To Treat Hair Loss?


Provillus hair loss treatment regime requires that you apply the topical lotion twice per day and use the oral capsule daily. It’s said to show results in as short as 2 months.

The main ingredient in the topical application is Minoxidil. This is a well known FDA approved formulation whose results are also clinically approved. It’s also a common ingredient in a number of other hair care products.

The supplement part of Provillus utilizes a mix of various ingredients that are specifically known to inhibit the production of DHT; which is a hormone majorly responsible for hair loss. Most of these are closely associated with vibrant healthy hair growth and nourishing of the scalp to encourage the development of new strands.


  1. Provillus Advantages


If you search for Provillus review hair loss supplement online, you will notice hundreds of positive reviews outlining the benefits of using this ingenious product. Here are the benefits in summary.

  • It provides nutrition required for vibrant hair growth and development
  • Comes in two formulations that stimulate hair growth from inside out
  • It contains proprietary ingredients well known for promoting hair regrowth and preventing baldness.
  • You can choose between the male and female formulation
  • It doesn’t come with any side effects
  • Its effectiveness is scientifically proven and confirmed by thousands of happy previous customers


  1. The Pros of Using Provillus


  • You don’t need a prescription to buy the treatment
  • The supplement is safe for both men and women of all ages.
  • You can use together with other dietary supplement and hair products
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cheaper and safer than surgical methods


  1. Our Verdict


Among the many hair loss treatment products found on the market, Provillus seems to be receiving the most positive feedback and reviews. The number of happy and satisfied customers has risen even higher and this makes us think they must have gotten something right in their formulations.

Its reputation and popularity are also enhanced by it independently tested and highly effective active ingredients. The capsule formulation is lauded for its effectiveness in regrowing hair while the topical cream is known for not having any harmful side effects.

It’s best suited for anyone experiencing hair loss, but use by pregnant and nursing women is discouraged. So if you need the best hair loss treatment without compromising your health, safety, and money; Provillus might just be your best bet. Grab your treatment today!