The Gold Max Pink dietary supplement uses a formula of specially picked, 100 percent natural ingredients to help boost female sexual arousal.

Gold Max Pink Review

Whether for women or men, the word ‘libido’ simply references the desire to have sex. But, the reality is that reaching this desire is a much more complex process that involves numerous factors like different parts of the body successfully communicating with one another, the release of hormones, appropriate mental state, and social and cultural norms, to name just a few.

All things being equal, though, numerous studies have shown that men have much stronger and more straightforward sex drives than women. They think about it more often, have less complicated turn-ons, and take a more direct route to sexual satisfaction.

What is Gold Max Pink?

The Gold Max Pink dietary supplement uses a formula of specially picked, 100 percent natural ingredients to help boost female sexual arousal, increase blood flow to sexual organs, stimulate the brain, and increase orgasm strength and sexual stamina.

Based on what you may have came across on the website, these potent, high-quality ingredients are packaged inside discreet, convenient, and easy-to-swallow pills suitable for use by all adult women, without relying on aggressive drugs or heavy chemicals.

Simply take one pill with plenty of water 30 to 45 minutes before sexual activity, and the manufacturer advertises it will support the body’s reproductive mechanisms and “target both the physical and mental conditions to support sexual desire.”

What will Gold Max Pink do for you?

Libido boosters for women can be tough to find, so how does it work and what are the active ingredients?

The objective of Gold Max Pink is to increase female libido, but it works differently than most male supplements because it targets not only the physical but also the mental aspects of sexual desire.

  • Increase orgasm strength
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Make sexual intercourse more pleasurable

Gold Max Pink Ingredients

The full ingredients list in Gold Max Pink includes:

  • The main ingredient in Gold Max Pink is ginseng.

This is one that’s used in a lot of the male supplements we review, and it tends to be a pretty popular supplement overall.

Some users specifically say ginseng helps with sexual dysfunction in men, but how is it helpful for women?

Women’s sexuality is different from us guys (shocking, I know) so it can be tougher to measure how well ginseng works in this area, but it does boost energy and promote relaxation.

That has to be helpful in the overall equation, right?

  • You probably haven’t heard of this next ingredient.

Cistance Deserticola is an herb that comes from traditional Chinese medicine that can help with erectile response. It’s sometimes called a natural Viagra, so when you hear that you’re probably thinking okay, another herb for men.

Some research shows that it’s an invigorating herb.

While women may not be concerned with the quality of their erection, Cistance Desrticola might help improve sexual desire and orgasm intensity.

  • There’s goji berry in this as well.

While they’re mostly touted as being the fountain of youth, goji berries may have the ability to increase general well being.  Apparently, goji berries are so powerful that an ancient Chinese proverb advised men shouldn’t eat them when they’re far from home and their wives.

Goji berries are pretty good overall, and they’re packed with vitamins and minerals.

They also have antioxidant properties.

What are the benefits of Gold Max Pink Pills?

  • Naturally supports female sex drive.
  • Simply take one capsule 45 minutes before sexual activities.
  • Aims to maintain orgasm strength.
  • Made from all natural ingredients.
  • Contains Panax or Siberian Ginseng and Radix Angelicae Sinensis.
  • Discreet, convenient and easy-to-swallow.
  • Fast next day delivery when you order before 4pm.

Is it Safe to Use Gold Max Pink with Alcohol?

This is a very frequently asked question that was not taken consideration by many. The manufacturer doesn’t state whether or not you can take Gold Max pink with alcohol, so at this point it’s unknown.  With that said, alcohol has a tendency to lessen the effects of any supplement, Gold Max Pink included.

Studies have shown that a light to moderate amount of alcohol has no effect on female libido.

However, heavy drinking will have an impact regardless.

If you’re going to drink, try and keep it to 1 – 2 alcoholic beverages. Not more.

Gold Max Pink Side Effects

Fortunately enough, Gold Max Pink has no side effects whatsoever and none have been reported of.

Gold Max Pink Alternatives?

We haven’t found compelling Gold Max reviews online, niether we can vouch for it so you may want to consider alternatives.

We highly recommend you look into Hersolution as an alternative to Gold Max Pink.