A common concern for the nursing mother is the quantity (and quality) of the milk produced by her body. As such, there are many products to address these concerns, and one, in particular, Boost Milk Enhancer has generated a lot of interest.


Boost Milk Enhancer Review


  1. What is Boost Milk Enhancer?

Boost Milk Enhancer is a product that is meant to help in increasing the production of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers. It is a natural milk enhancer product that may produce milk within 24-72 hours when consumed. It is responsible for stimulating your body to process milk naturally to ensure that your baby gets satisfied. This makes sure that you experience the bonding and health benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

  1. An Overview over Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a lot like sleeping. It’s a natural process that’s so beneficial, and while it can almost be automatic, there are also those nights (and days) of challenge and frustration. A common concern for the nursing mother is the quantity (and quality) of the milk produced by her body. As such, there are many products to address these concerns, and one, in particular has generated a lot of interest. The Boost Milk Enhancer Lactation Supplement has hit the marketplace, promising to increase a woman’s milk production.


Boost Milk Enhancer

  1. How does Lactation work?

In order to understand how this supplement helps lactation, here is a brief look into how women produce milk.

Before a baby is even born, a woman’s body gets itself ready for milk production. Cells that will eventually help to churn out milk, the alveoli’s lactocytes, grow and multiply. Milk ducts begin to surface. When it’s time for the baby to suck the breast for milk, the rich fat and protein fluid flows from the alveoli to the ducts, and then out the nipple.

Women produce colostrum 3 to 4 months into the pregnancy. It’s the first milk produced by the breasts, and can be clear or deep golden in color. It’s chock full of nutrition, antibodies, and immunoglobulins – all important for the health and vitality of the newborn.

At the very beginning stages of breastfeeding, the amount of colostrum produced and consumed by the baby is about 1 to 3 teaspoons per feeding. In a very short time, the colostrum amount should increase significantly to ounces of mature milk which a growing baby is happy to devour. But milk production is dependent on those lactocytes, the milk-producing cells of the alveoli which, in turn, depends on the hormone, prolactin. In fact, the lactocytes are true prolactin receptor sites. Prolactin flows from the bloodstream into the lactocytes to contribute to milk synthesis.

When milk levels are filled in the alveolus, expanding its walls, the shape of the prolactin receptors change. This lowers milk production. However, when the alveolus empties due to breastfeeding, the prolactin receptors revert back to shape, spurring on milk production.

There exists a prolactin receptor theory that frequent milk removal in the early stages will increase the number of prolactin receptor sites, and encourage the rate of milk synthesis. So, boosting breast milk depends on prolactin which is also influenced by oxytocin. This oxytocin hormone enables the milk-filled alveoli cells to contract and squeeze. The milk can then enter the ducts along its route to baby. One can deduce that lactation is a true hormonal enterprise and experience.

  1. Boost Milk Enhancer Ingredients

The manufacturer of the product, Santrinico Enterprises, seems to understand the need to provide only pure, quality ingredients with strong bioavailability. The powers that be have selected those ingredients which they deem to exert the strongest influence on lactation levels.

The supplement contains:

  • Milk thistle (seed) extract (silymarin marianum)
  • Artichoke (leaves)
  • Fenugreek (seed)
  • Alfalfa (leaf)
  • basil (leaf)

This Lactation Propriety Blend contains 680 mg.

  1. Boost Milk Enhancer Dosage

You only need to take one a day, and there are 30 servings per bottle, a month’s supply.

It seems logical that this supplement is to be used after pregnancy, not during pregnancy. Indeed, there are certain herbs that should not be taken during pregnancy under any circumstances, and even herbs that should be avoided after pregnancy.

This is why it’s recommended speaking to your physician before taking any supplement.

  1. Boost Milk Enhancer Advantages

This is a product that results in the assembly of additional breast milk so the mother satisfies the child.

  • It is liable for protective your baby from diseases and infections.
  • It helps in building a powerful emotional and physical bond between the mother and child.
  • It is liable for supplying you with AN Brobdingnagian sense of accomplishment
  1. Final Thoughts

Having less breast milk for a mother could be a frustrating issue as this cannot satisfy her baby and so the baby won’t grow well evidently. This would possibly result in frustrations to the mother, and so with the assistance of milk enhancers, the mother might avoid these frustrations. A milk foil like Boost Milk Enhancer is facilitating in increasing the breast milk for a mother for the child to be glad. the merchandise is claimed to own been clinically established to be effective and safe for each the mother and therefore the child. But, before attempting this product, you ought to investigate completely on its ingredients to verify if they’re safe for you and if they fit your wants for your own safety.

The best thing about this product is that it’s completely safe, therefore using it would cost you no harm (apart from allergies that one might have).